Hello and Welcome, my name is

Matin Nakhl-Ahmadi

I'm a Director and Visual Effects Artist

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What Can I do For you? Services

Producing and Directing

Specialized in low budget productions in both Live Action and Animation. My precious experiences let me to be creative and efficient at the same time. I can also team up a small group of Artists to complete a project.

On-Set VFX Supervising

With a solid background in Compositing, Matchmoving and Filmmaking, I can be on set to gather vital information for Post-Production. I also can help you to design VFX shots in technical aspcets befor shooting.


Expert knowledge in Nuke and Afer effects, With an eye of a Photographer and problem-solving mind of an Engineer! Capable to work in various projects including CG Integration, 2d and 3D Animation compositing, Clean ups and Etc.


Expert level of 3DE and Syntheyes and capable to work in Pftrack and Mocha aswell. All sort of Matchmoving tasks including Planner tracking, Camera tracking, Object tracking Motion Capture, Layout and Set fitting.

A little about me About


I started to work from 2006 as Graphic Designer and two years later, as a Motion Graphic Designer. From 2015, I switched entirely to Directing and Producing low budget commercials alongside working as Visual Effects artist and worked in some great projects including Features, Commercials, Short Films and Animation series.
After making my own short sci-fi film in 2018, I moved to Paris. To embrace the new city, the new environment and new experiences that are waiting for me. My solid knowledge about Directing, Film Making, Visual Effects, Animation, Art history, Photography and Computers helped me to be a better artist in both aesthetical and technical aspect

Technical Skills

Software: Expert Knowledge in Nuke, After Effects, 3dEqualizer, SynthEyes, Mocha and 3ds Max alongside with Maya, Photoshop, Premiere and Lightroom.
Composite Skills: Photorealistic CG Integration, Set Extensions, Nuke and AE advanced Particles, Clean ups, Multi pass Compositing, Deep Compositing, Projections and Matt Extractions
Matchmoving Skills: 2d and Planner Tracking, Camera and Object Tracking, offline Motion Capture, Photogrammetry, IMB Modeling, Set fitting and Layout.
Technical skills: Onset VFX Supervision, Procedural Thinking and Problem-solving Logic, python and c++, Advanced Photography, Familiar with Filmmaking Process, Storyboarding and Idea Developing.


Master of Arts in Animation Directing from Art University of Tehran.
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Hardware from Sheikh Bahayi University.

How to work together?

I'm Flexible! I mainly work as a freelancer both On-site and remote and also can be hired for positions that related to my filed of expertise. I also can work onset in Île-de-France and for short periods of time in France, Germany and Denmark.

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